Advanced Search Enhancements

Background / Summary


Hypothetical Searches

Here are a collection of use cases that we need to support in our advanced search replacement

Simple filtering spanning several fields

In english: "All Documents submitted by Frank McManamon with "southwest" in the title.

In lucene: 

resourceType:DOCUMENT userid:123 title:southwest


Filtering using repeated field

In english:  "All resources that must have both  'southwest' and 'tribe' in the title"  or "All resource that have either 'southwest' or 'tribe' in the title"

In lucene:

+title:southwest +title:tribe
title:southwest title:tribe


Filtering incorporating AND and OR operators:

In English:  "Documents submitted by Josh or Scott  that have material keywords "shell" or "metal"

   (activeMaterialKeywords.label:shell informationResources.activeMaterialKeywords.label:shell) 
   (activeMaterialKeywords.label:metal informationResources.activeMaterialKeywords.label:metal)
+(submitterId:123 submitterId:345)


User Interface Changes



Architectural Changes


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