setting up dataone



The 'abrin' username has access to this directory (shared drive). You will need an identity to access this file. If you do not have an account or if you have an account but do not remember your password, you may register or reset your password at the following URL (if creating this account, select "NCEAS/DataONE/Kepler" as the organization name):
Please be careful to protect the key file (via permissions settings), since anyone with it can act on behalf of the urn:node:TDAR Member Node within the DataONE network. Also, please do not share the certificate files over insecure protocols like email.
We cannot guarantee that we can keep a copy of your certificate, so please make an encrypted copy of it on a thumb drive or somewhere else that is safe.
To install these certificates, you will need to configure your web server software with the file location of the certificates, in the same way that you would do so for a server-side certificate from a commercial SSL Certificate Authority like Verisign or Thawte, etc. We do not have specific instructions for this procedure because it differs for all web server software packages. However, we can point you to examples of Member Node software applications that do this using Apache, and that should help you understand the configuration directives even if you are not using the Apache web server. Here is the links to a Java-based system and a Python-based system:
Metacat documentation on SSL setup:

on core, these changes are made to the for /tdar-tomcat/

GMN documentation on SSL setup:
Let us know if you have any trouble downloading the certificate zip file or other questions.

Registering user:
Before registering you MN, you will need to first register your contact subject identity in the DataONE production environment: Once registered, please let us know and I will verify your identity in the CN LDAP. After this step, you may attempt to register your MN in the production environment.

to Add:
curl -i -E private/urn_node_TDAR.pem --header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" --form "node=@./tdar.xml" -k -X POST ""

to Update:
curl -i -E private/urn_node_TDAR.pem --header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" --form "node=@./tdar.xml" -k -X PUT ""


DataOne config.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="/cn/xslt/dataone.types.v1.xsl"?>
<d1:node xmlns:d1="" replicate="false" synchronize="true" type="mn" state="up">
    <description>The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) is an international digital repository for the digital records of archaeological investigations. tDAR's use, development, and maintenance are governed by Digital Antiquity, an organization dedicated to ensuring the long-term preservation of irreplaceable archaeological data and to broadening the access to these data.</description>
        <service name="MNRead" version="v1" available="true"/>
        <service name="MNCore" version="v1" available="true"/>
        <service name="MNAuthorization" version="v1" available="false"/>
        <service name="MNStorage" version="v1" available="false"/>
        <service name="MNReplication" version="v1" available="false"/>
        <schedule hour="20" mday="*" min="*" mon="*" sec="0" wday="?" year="*"/>
    <contactSubject>CN=Adam Brin A29701,O=Arizona State University,C=US,DC=cilogon,DC=org</contactSubject>