Road Map

Release 0

  1. Basic User Management
  2. Project and Resource Metadata Entry and Edit
    1. Dataset upload
    2. No column or value level metadata for databases
  3. Basic Search with Ranked Results
  4. Dataset download

Release 0.1

  1. Implement Help
  2. Display Inherited Project Metadata with Resource Entry, Edit, & Display
  3. Resource Metadata Entry and Edit
    1. Coding Sheet Entry, Upload, and Edit (Yan done)
    2. Support Excel & Access Files Column Metadata & Coding Sheet Application

Release 0.2

  1. Simple Ontology Entry and Edit Interface (Yan done)
  2. Search uses Ontology Component
    1. problem of multiple sense
    2. simple/complex
  3. Interface to Map (& Edit) Coding Sheets to Ontologies
  4. Basic Credit Citation Provided <=
    1. KK what do we want List of Instition/people & roles

Bibliographic Entry & Edit

  1. Use Zotero Components for input & translate to Mods?
  2. What would that imply for storage of entry
  3. Output through Fedora dissemminator or
    1. text output or export to Zotero, Endnote, ...

As Available

  1. Context Aware Search

Fedora Release

  1. Metadata and Datasets pushed to Fedora
  2. Persistent URI
  3. Move Download (& Credit) Function to Fedora (question)

Integration Release (KWK Idea of How this Might Work--For Discussion)

  1. ??Metadata has selection information=>create XRef table
  2. Dataset Selection
    1. Preliminary Dataset Selection Specification
      1. Search Criteria for Dataset Inclusion (e.g., area and time from metadata)
      2. After Search, User Mark Selected,
      3. Put Marked Translated Data Tables in Workbench
  3. Column Selection
    1. Using Column Ontology (Category Variables) Select Columns in Output Table
  4. Eliminate databases without these columns
  5. Add other row selection constraints e.g. (eleveation <2000)
  6. Column Preprocessing
    1. For columns that have ontologies/coding sheets: integate; other columns slected
    2. Do joins within database to get flat tables from database
    3. For each column, display master ontology and values used
      1. Perhaps the user could choose the order of selection, choosing first the key variables
    4. User prunes tree (branches not desired--amounts to row selection)
    5. Other row selection criteria
    6. User specifies aggregation level for remaining branches
      1. Any dataset that does not have any values in that branch of the tree at that level or lower is eliminated
        1. Do the necessary value aggregation
        2. Display Remaining Datasets and Case Count
        3. Iterate to aggregation level selection if user unsatisfied with result (allows a broadening or narrowing of the selection)
        4. Or User can Backup
  7. Process Query (union of databases)
  8. Save Table
    1. with query specification (list of ordered commands)
    2. with credit list (list of links to resurces w/ credits used)
    3. publish or not
  9. Download Table
    1. With formatted citations for credit