Resource Annotations - UI Mockups

About Resource Annotations

Resource Annotations are meant to serve as method to provide additional metadata identifiers for a resource, beyond the standard set of fields associated with a resource. For example, a user may want to add the Library of Congress Control Number to a particular document,  or perhaps a URL that points to the most recent copy of an original document -- tDAR does not provide these fields.  In this example, a user could add resource annotations to include this metadata. 

Components of a Resource Annotation

  • Key: the name of the field (e.g.  "URL")
  • Value: the actual value, (e.g. "")
  • Type: the data type of annotation value; either "text", "numeric", or "formatted string"
  • Format: For annotations of type "formatted string".  This would be describe the format that the value must conform to.  For example,  the format for a phone number could be "(XXX)XXX-XXXX". 

Data Entry UI

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Mockup #2