Migrating to the new Filestore Based File Storage Interface

  1. Checkout the tdar.filestore branch from Subversion
  2. Apply appropriate changes from src/main/db/upgrade-db.sql
  3. Set the following parameters to values appropriate to your environment in migrate-filestore.ant.xml
    • <property name="filestore.location.old" value="/home/mcordial/hd2/nbws/tdar/src/main/webapp/data"/>
      <property name="" value="/home/mcordial/filestoretest"/>
      <property name="filestore.migrator.errorFile" value="/home/mcordial/Desktop/errors.txt"/>
  4. In the base directory (where pom.xml resides) run:
    • mvn compile
    • mvn -P migrate-filestore
  5. Set the value of the property in src/main/resources/ to the new filestore location.
  6. Start tDAR and test.