Creating and Managing Your tDAR Account

The resources already uploaded to tDAR are free for you to use and download. We only charge a fee for users that want to upload their own resources into the repository. Our prices are based upon the number of files uploaded. File price is based on a sliding scale—the more files purchased the lower the cost per file.  Allotted space is “pooled” meaning that if you buy more than one file, the associated space in MB can be distributed between those files in any way you choose. We accept debit and major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

To begin using the resources available in tDAR, you will have to become a registered user (see /wiki/spaces/TDAR/pages/557080). If you wish to upload your own resources after /wiki/spaces/TDAR/pages/557080, you will need to purchase space (see How to Purchase Files/Space in tDAR) and set up a Payment Account (see Creating & Managing a Billing Account).