Creating Bookmarks

Why create bookmarks?

Bookmarking is a useful way to easily locate resources within tDAR.  Additionally, bookmarking is necessary in order to integrate data from two or more datasets. Only registered users can bookmark resources.  To find out more information on how to login or register as a user in tDAR, or to register click on one of the links below.  


Navigate to tDAR Page to Register

Bookmarking Resources

Once you have identified a resource you would like to bookmark, select the starred "bookmark" button at the top of the page. The star on a bookmarked resource will be filled in. 

The resource has been bookmarked when the star is filled in gray and the text changes to "un-bookmark".  

For more more information on how to search for resources in tDAR click on the link below.

Searching in tDAR

Viewing Bookmarked Resources

Bookmarked resources can be located clicking "Bookmarks" from the main drop down menu.

You can also scroll to the bottom of your "Dashboard" page to see your bookmarked resources.

Your Bookmarked Resources are organized by resource type (datasets, documents, ontologies, coding sheets, images, projects, and sensory data) and subsequently alphabetically.