Options for Enhancing Collections

Collections in tDAR can be enhanced to allow for custom branding, and additional content on the main page.  If you're interested in these features, please contact info@digitalantiquity.org for how to upgrade your collection.


Configuration Options:

  • Custom Header and search-box for the main collection page (below) – We'll need a 2000x2000 pixel image for this as it'll need to scale based on the monitor size.
  • Custom Logo for the collection – ideally we need 2 versions of this logo 1000x1000 to be scaled for larger versions and a 200x200 for a small version.  
  • Ability to "feature" resources in tDAR on the collection page
  • Ability to highlight sub-collections on the collection page

  • Display of the collection logo on every page for a resource in that collection
  • Custom Cover Page with collection logo – ideally the above logo will work here, but if you have a version that's at 300 DPI, this would be preferred.