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Action Mapping

Please see for more details - we've switched to Conventions plugin.

There are currently two ways to map actions in the Struts 2 version of tDAR:

  1. Explicit mapping in your action class with annotations.
  2. implicit mapping in the filesystem, where a .ftl or .jsp file in src/main/webapp is parsed and delivered for content.

    Implicit mapping example

    If you create a file, test.ftl in the src/main/webapp/blougat directory, then you should be able to see the contents of that file at http://localhost:8080/blougat/test

Miscellaneous Issues / Notes

Spring uses JDK dynamic proxies by default, which means that any autowired proxied class (i.e., the *Service classes, etc.) gets injected with the interface type, not the concrete class. For example, if UniqueEmailValidator wants a PersonService to talk to, it will only get a Service from Spring unless explicitly wired. In order to overcome this, make sure

<tx:annotation-driven proxy-target-class='true' />

is specified in the spring configuration.

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