Shares & Collections

  • Mimbres: Lots of resources shared with a group of users with periodic updates to the users. (add/remove) and the periodic addition of resources.
  • BrRec Phoenix: Lots of resources actively managed by mainly one person, but with one-ff sharing of resources to people for a period of time (generally a week). Resources are sometimes added by contractors by sharing sub-collections with them.
  • VCP: super complex structure with unclear future for rights.  Along with the Army Corps of Engineers collections shows one of the issues of duplicate content because the ACOE collection and VCP collections overlap.
  • SRP Library: Mixture of types of content (managed/unmanaged).
  • The MAC Lab /  Legacy Project collections: Nested rights shares, one for each base, but managed by a general collection.
  • Adam's State University: Some more unique rights management issues having to do with being able to add things but not remove them.

What is a "collection”: A collection is an organization of resources that a user may or may not have submitted or have rights to. Examples of collections might include: "Cape Cod Archaeology”, “SRP Digital Library”, "Jim’s interesting resources"

What is a “share”: A share is a group of resources that allows a user or a group to assign rights to a person or group of people.

Has titleXX
Has descriptionXX
Hierarchical (can have parent)XX

Display Properties
Viewable when not logged in
XThe owner can specify the sort-order of resources (title, resource type, etc)
different display orientation
XThe owner can specify how resources are displayed (map, image grid, list)
can be "white label"
XCustom display settings for the collection page including header and featured resources

Rights & Permissions
can add things that the user doesn’t have rights to
delegate rights to resources to other usersX
(how collections currently work today) 
allow timed accessX
Allow access to resources in a collection for a week or fixed period of time
multi-userXXAllow multiple users to administer a collection or share
can inherit permissionsX
Allow a “parent” to delegate rights to a share or a collection
View resourcesX
Allow a user to view resources based on permissions
Download filesX
Allow a user to download resources based on permissions
add toXXSpecific permission to allow users to add resources
remove fromXXSpecific permission to allow users to remove resources
administerXXSpecific permission to allow users to administer the collection/share